Ishita Mittal, Agamya Jain

Ishita Mittal, Agamya Jain

Eco-friendly Bicycle

An eco-friendly bicycle is a concept that can reduce carbon footprints. The bicycle works on the principle of conversion of energy and operates an air purifier fitted on it. The idea for an eco-friendly bicycle was triggered by the sight of a parked bicycle in the backdrop of most people using fuel vehicles even for short distances. Founders Ishita and Agamya say their startup aims to replace normal bicycles with eco-friendly ones. It wants to change people’s mindset so they start using eco-friendly bicycles for short distances. The most exciting part of developing their idea for the duo was creating a unique logo and tagline and designing the prototype. The difficult part was to make a working prototype and convince people to ride it. In a few years, Ishita and Agamya see their eco-friendly bicycles being used widely, which they say will help reduce pollution and help improve riders’ health. Ishita says Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is their greatest inspiration and favourite innovator for his immense contribution to science and because he truly ignited many young minds. When feeling uninspired, Ishita says they read about the failures of famous scientists and innovators which encourages them to keep going. The two also break down their goals into small achievable steps. Space debris, water pollution, unemployment, and poverty are the other problems the duo wants to solve in the future.

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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