Priyancy Gadhiya

Priyancy Gadhiya

Eco-friendly Hair Dye From Mango Seeds

The startup wants to manufacture eco-friendly and natural hair dye using non-toxic elements from herbal sources like mango seeds and other natural ingredients. This hair dye will instantly colour the hair and make the hair strong and smooth without side effects. The ingredients are mango seeds, ginger leaves, ‘hirakasi’ and water. Priyancy was inspired by how prolonged synthetic hair dyes led to hair loss, oedema, erythema and even skin cancer symptoms. She developed a process technique to produce a safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly natural hair dye using natural ingredients such as mango seeds, scrap leaves and gall leaves as bulking material. She makes sure no heavy metal salts are used in the process. For the young innovator, her science and mathematics teacher Vaishnav Meera is her favourite and best innovator. “My teacher does a lot of activities using things from nature. Also, the toys my teacher makes get selected for the National Toy Fair, and I thank my teacher for guiding me for this project,” Priyancy says. When feeling down, Priyancy spends time on science experiments. She also reads books on nature and takes a walk in places with greenery. “I note down questions and get solutions from my teacher,” she says. The Junagadh girl wants to continue with her experiments and work hard to make her efforts successful in the long run.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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