Hemesh Chadalavada

Hemesh Chadalavada


ConsultFix is an online consultation platform that helps experts and consultants set up their businesses online. Finding experts or mentors for online consultation is not easy, and it is also not feasible for everyone to have their site. Seeing a solution to this problem inspired Hemesh to found ConsultFix, an appointment scheduling app that lists services and details and allows people to offer their services anytime. The most exciting part of his journey is the time he spends talking with people and receiving their feedback, whereas the most challenging part is the hours he has to pay to find bugs and fix them. Hemesh says he admires Elon Musk and draws inspiration from his PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX work. Going ahead, ConsultFix aims to emerge as the preferred tool for even experts to schedule their appointments and wants to expand its offerings to face-to-face consultation. Hemesh also wants to help experts and mentors with SEO, content writing and more to help them grow their businesses. Hemesh says he draws inspiration by looking at valuable and innovative projects and web applications when feeling low. To encourage more children to become innovators, Hemesh believes they must be made aware of the power of innovation, how it can change lives and most importantly, that creation is not as complicated as they may think.

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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