Atharv Shah

Atharv Shah

Cement From Waste

The startup’s idea is to make a new product from plastic waste and glass bottles that can be used in place of cement in construction and help in lowering the waste generated. The continuing rise in pollution levels and the absence of ideas to make better use of waste materials inspired Atharv’s idea. The young innovator aims to devote his time to research to develop an environment-friendly process to create a cement-like material through effective reuse of plastic and glass waste and contribute to saving the environment. For Atharv, the most exciting part of the startup journey was the research to find a workable model. In contrast, the most challenging part was convincing others, especially family members and friends, of the workability of the idea. In a few years, the youngster sees his startup successfully creating a new cement-like product that will be environment-friendly and a unique and practical option for the construction industry. The Ahmedabad boy says Apple founder Steve Jobs is his favourite innovator. “He created something different for the benefit of people at large,” he says about Jobs. When feeling uninspired, Atharv says he spends time researching various online platforms and discussing different topics with family and experts to clarify his doubts. Going ahead, he also wants to work to address problems such as corruption, women’s abuse, child labour and poverty.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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