Rishabh Raj

Rishabh Raj

Automatic Mental Stress Detector & Reducer Device

The Automatic Mental Stress Detector & Reducer Device is a device that can detect mental stress and is also equipped to reduce it. Seeing many people facing mental health issues because of pressure and people losing their lives due to stress inspired Rishabh to work on a device that can detect and help reduce stress. Rishabh says his innovation can help people under stress and those living stressful lives to get rid of the mental stress. Rishabh says the most exciting part of his startup journey was the thought that his device would be completed and work one day. The young innovator had to face several problems while working on the device’s prototype, which he identifies as the most challenging part. The young innovator sees his device helping millions of people lead better lives by reducing and gradually overcoming mental stress. He also expects his startup to save many lives that would otherwise be lost to stress. The Bihar boy’s favourite innovators are former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Albert Einstein. When feeling uninspired, Rishabh says he watches programmes and documentaries about the struggles of famous scientists and the failures they had to endure before they finally met with success. In addition to the stress detecting and reducer device, Rishabh is also currently working on a heat-related theory.

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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