Aman Sa

Aman Sa


AIris analyses real-time footage from a camera source to monitor and derive valuable insights, and this augments a proactive environment that is safer and data-driven. Aman got the idea of AIris after studying the ever-increasing number of crimes. “The unpredictability of crime increases as more of it occurs in areas typically deemed safe,” he says. “Should we allow this to be the new normal? I imagined a future where the entire city is monitored by responsible AI, providing authorities with the tools and intelligence to stop atrocities and virtually all crime in real-time, and thus AIris was born.” AIris, Aman says, is an ideal solution to augment current public safety systems. It will enable machines to interact naturally with people, data and the environment, creating more intuitive interactions and extending what either humans or devices cannot do on their own. Aman admires Elon Musk, an innovator, thinker and doer and has a passion for thinking big and executing it. For inspiration, Aman reads articles about successful startups. He says this gives him the zeal to look forward to a day when his startup’s name is on the list. “It inspires me to believe in myself and continue the hard work.” He also wants to focus on waste management as recycling will help the environment generate revenue. According to Aman, the whole startup journey has been exciting, while the most troublesome part about the idea was to cut down costs.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Electronic Systems

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