Robin Jha

Robin Jha


Robin Jha was a small-town guy from Bhagalpur who completed his Chartered Accountancy in Delhi. He was working at one of the Big 4 Consultancy Firms, Ernst & Young. He had a great job and was earning a hefty amount. He used to have casual discussions with his colleagues about how it would be wonderful if they ran a 'Chai Ki Dukaan' over continuing with their current job. The chords struck in Robin's mind & he decided, "Why Not Sell Chai?''. Robin decided to sell tea to earn his living. The one thought that gave entrepreneur Robin Jha all the motivation he needed to convert his idea into a business was that Chai was a staple part of the Indian diet, so why not build a business by selling tea? With the belief in his business idea and all the grit, determination, and patience, Robin Jha has expanded his business idea into a business model of 30 shops selling 50 varieties of tea across the Delhi NCR region.

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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