Jay Kumar

Jay Kumar

Unde Ka Thela

This is an inspirational story of Jay Kumar, who is also known as the Egg King of Udaipur. His is a rag to riches story. In his childhood and even after getting married, he battled poverty. Due to his hard work, persistence and motivation to fight poverty, he is a successful man now. He built a successful business out of the "Unde Ka Thela" that his father owned. He is now famous as the Egg King of Udaipur and makes various varieties of egg dishes. Jay Kumar has an inspiring success story. Everyone has dreams, but not everyone can fulfil those because there are a lot of challenges in life that break you midway or at the beginning itself. Jay Kumar is a live example of the people who fight the challenges and fulfil their dreams to change their fortunes forever. After his father fell ill, he had to shoulder the responsibility of the entire family at the age of 13. He knew how to make eggs only and therefore decided to try and expand his father's business by trying out new egg dishes.

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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