Swapnil Chaturvedi

Swapnil Chaturvedi


Swapnil Chaturvedi is a changemaker, and he believes in creating revolutions. He left a job in the IT sector to change the sanitation and hygiene conditions for 60% of Indians who still don't have access to toilets in their lives. Swapnil is the founder of Samagra, an organisation that takes pride in what they term "Awesome Toilet Experiences". Before Samagra, Swapnil was designing advanced Telematics & Navigation Systems for next-generation vehicles at Continental (USA). In 2011, Swapnil gave up his US Residency and moved back to India to start Samagra’s operations. To gain first-hand experience, Swapnil has lived in slums of various cities in India. Swapnil believes that answer to wicked problems lies in the innovative use of Psychology, Technology and Design. He aims to provide excellent sanitation services to at least 2 million urban poor in 5 years by collaborating with several organisations across the developing world.

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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