Manik Mehta

Manik Mehta


“Life is full of choices and surprises, but it is never there for you when you need them." Manik Mehta was a college student, irked by an alarming issue to take on an exceptional journey. Manik calls himself an army brat who would have to change school every two years. Studying at Delhi College of Engineering seemed like a relief to the guy who led much of a pack-and-move life. During his time at college, he came to know of a society- ‘Enactus’ that introduced him to entrepreneurship and made his life more on the go than ever. At the society, he would spend time with Dhaba owners and slum workers trying to improve their lives. People who were earlier struggling to meet ends were now empowered to be entrepreneurs. With three projects in 2 years, he could change several lives. A ragpicker was able to earn 1000 to 10,000 rupees every day, and he could see the change he was bringing. Mexico, 2013: It was Enactus World Cup and the day that Manik fondly remembers. As he met people like Larry Page, he says “I was blown away.” It was that day he realised what he wanted to do. “Every 12.5 seconds, a girl is molested across the world” The fact shook him to the core. “I thought we have got to do something about it”, he recollects. With four co-founders and genuine concern, ‘LEAF’ was founded and ‘safer’ formed. Safer is a small module that can go into many jewellery pieces. If a girl feels unsafe, she can double press the button, sending alerts to friends and family. Moreover, one can open the app, press the button and see all the nearby hospitals and police stations. Manik has had a fantastic journey, from giving maths tuitions to raising initial funds worth 250K dollars and visiting Silicon Valley with PM Narendra Modi as one of the top 10 innovators from India.

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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