Ashima Raizada

Ashima Raizada

Arthika Yoga

After a few successful corporate stints, Ashima Raizada started her yoga journey purely for her mental health. Over the years, she realised that yoga worked for her mental health, physical fitness, and lifestyle diseases, including PCOS and hypothyroidism. Through her company, Arthika Yoga, she now works with people to help reverse their lifestyle diseases and make better lifestyle choices. She's conducted workshops and classes on mental and physical health through Yoga, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra, among many other techniques. Her company has worked with some brands like WeWork, Aspada Investment Advisors, Cowrks, IBM, PWC and many more. Ashima has helped people reverse and manage lifestyle diseases like diabetes, PCOS, thyroid, chronic pains, depression and anxiety. She has also consulted for companies like Uvi Health and Curelink, designing and executing their PCOS, Thyroid and Prenatal Programs.Her vision is to make health and fitness a proactive approach in this fast-paced and dynamic world. She hopes to create a world where people constantly strive to live mindfully, healthily and happily.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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