Raman Bahl

Raman Bahl

Learning Initiatives for India

Raman Bahl is the Founder and Director of Learning Initiatives for India. In May 2020, during COVID-19, Raman met Neelam (11 years, village Purkhas Rathi, Haryana) when she was busy doing the household chores with her tiny hands. She should have been busy learning and laughing with her classmates in school. The pandemic had stolen her chance to continue her education and create a better life for herself. Many children like Neelam are left in the lurch as they are ‘almost’ pushed out of schools and deprived of the opportunities that a quality education offers.Raman’s journey from 2018 to Neelam is full of learning and challenges. He designed curricula to mainstream OoSC to traditional schools, has been a School Principal in Gujarat and Chhattisgarh, a Teachers’ Trainer and was a 2012 Teach For India Fellow.The journey from a driven School Principal wanting all children in school, designing programs for OoSC and those failing miserably due to COVID-19, motivates him to work with them with a more holistic approach. The complex problem of OoSC requires a comprehensive solution. He is determined to create a movement that ensures a lifelong learning path for all OoSC. Raman’s most significant challenge is mobilising enough financial resources for LIFI to be serving in the remotest communities of the country.In the next five years, LIFI aims to engage with 3,00,000 OOSC via 6000 Youth Teacher Leaders and 20+ non-profits which will be an ecosystem for OOSC wherever they are in the country and have them come on a lifelong learning path.

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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