Bhavin Parmar

Bhavin Parmar

Vedaroots Pvt Ltd

Much as his name connotes and more, Bhavin is a believer in determination and hard work to trigger change. Early on in his life, he took to heart what a little old man from his state, the Great Mahatma, famously said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. He believes that if any change is needed, one must start with oneself. Graduating in engineering in 2006 from NIT- Surat, followed by a successful tenure at Tata Consultancy Services, India’s biggest IT service provider, Bhavin went on to study further from the haloed IIM Indore, graduating in 2012. Hailing from a farming family in the small village of Gujarat, this was not a mean achievement. The charm of an IT industry and corporate culture waiting after IIM did not take away his passion for agriculture. Bhavin went on to work in one of the largest organic food companies in India for another four years and built competency in the area of operations and exports of organic food products. In 2016, to pursue a vision he had developed along his young journey to provide the authentic and best quality food to consumers across the globe, he launched his first organic product brand named “Bytewise Organic” 2016. Again, in the year 2020, amid a pandemic, he created one of the fastest-growing organic food brands, “Happyleaf Organic”, in arguably the most sceptical and intuitive market in the world – the USA – and reaped an annual turnover of US$ 2 million in the very first year! Having acquired organic certification from APEDA under the Ministry of Commerce to manufacture and export organic food products and create certified farmer group networks across Rajasthan, Gujarat, and a few other parts of India, Bhavin aims to spread his network to the whole of the country. He also supports farmers with technology and infrastructure support and training them in making organic fertilisers, pesticides, compost and many other agricultural inputs.

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Male

Sector : Food Processing

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