Ranjini Krishnan

Ranjini Krishnan

Body Tree Naturals

In 2011, I  penned the documentary 'A Pestering Journey' with my husband and film-maker K R Manoj. The documentary travelled through two pesticide tragedies in post-independent India and won the national award for the best investigative documentary that year. The documentary made me acutely aware of the harmful effects of artificial chemicals. When our son was born in 2013, I  searched for safe bathing options as I  knew that our farms and our homes are potential spaces for exposure to harmful chemicals. I was not happy with the products I got from the market. I  started making soaps for our son in 2014. In 2015 I launched the Facebook page. When my PhD was awarded in 2016, I chose between an academic career and entrepreneurship.  When I look back, choosing the uncertainty of entrepreneurship was huge. In 2016 Body Tree Naturals was incorporated.Body Tree is committed to the causes of safety and sustainability.  The motto of Body Tree, 'gentle on skin, gentle on earth', reflects our core value. All our products are free from harsh chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, silicones, PEGs, etc.  Body Tree products are made with healing herbs and nourishing oils. And we believe in ingredient transparency which gives the customer an opportunity for informed decision making.  Body Tree employs compostable and recyclable packaging options.  It started with four types of soaps in 2015. Now Body Tree has more than twenty-five products in fifteen different categories.  Body Tree's mild, safe and fragrance-free baby products and silicone-free hair products have won many hearts and helped many people embrace the integrity of their skin safely and sustainably. Body Tree's product line lacks fairness products as we believe every skin tone is beautiful. We operate from a Kerala village called Moozhikkulam, and we are happy that we could generate rural employment.

State : Kerala

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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