Raashid Navlakhi

Raashid Navlakhi

Jigsaw Thinking

I'm Raashid Navlakhi, Founder, CEO & Business Coach at Jigsaw Thinking.After I graduated from business school at the University of Bath (UK), I consulted with Accenture, London for a couple of years. Though it was a great learning experience that allowed me to manage teams, large projects and budgets, my promotion triggered a realisation that it wasn't my calling.I decided to leave my cosy consulting lifestyle a month after being promoted and returned to India to start a social enterprise, I For Indya, guiding young students to solve challenges for NGOs using Design Thinking.A year into my adventure, as I immersed myself further into the Indian career & startup ecosystem, I identified three troubling patterns that I wanted to address.1. India is flooded with companies that make Indians better job seekers, but I wanted to help Indians move from job seekers to self-starters and self-starters to job creators2. India has a well-oiled support system for techpreneurs looking to build the next unicorns, but what about non-tech entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable businesses around their knowledge, skills and expertise?3. India now has many Business Coaches, but they can either only be afforded by businesses that are turning over 1Cr+, or if they're affordable, they're of poor qualityTo address these three challenges, I launched Jigsaw Thinking in April 2017. Our mission is to guide 10,000 non-tech, early-stage self-starters on their entrepreneurial journeys by 2025. We're at 1000 right now!I was evident right initially: we're not for the business moguls & MBA graduates. We're for the self-starters who have the passion & talent in abundance but need guidance with business strategy & systems.We provide this guidance through our unique platform [email protected], a safe space for self-starters to learn, build & experiment with a community of experts & entrepreneurs.I'm on the ultimate adventure of self-discovery: entrepreneurship!

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