Pranjal Aneja

Pranjal Aneja

J Insurance

I completed my MBA from the EU in 2020 and graduated in the middle of the pandemic. I saw the business, mainly SMEs, in India struggling against risks, economic & otherwise, during the pandemic. The need for SMEs to protect themselves with Insurance was ever more important. Realising the gap in the insurance requirements of SMEs and age-old insurance solutions offered by insurance companies, I decided to identify the problems in the Indian Insurance Industry. Buying insurance for SMEs was expensive, full of misinformation, and completely offline. The market was fragmented and full of small agents who make low commissions for the services they provide the community. My background in technology and insurance helped me find such gaping holes and offer solutions in the form of J Insurance.J Insurance works with all major insurance companies to develop innovative low-cost insurance products for SMEs tailored to the company's specific needs. It is an online platform that is a one-stop solution for all corporate insurance requirements, like Property & Asset Insurance, Transit Insurance, Travel Insurance, Group Health Insurance, etc. J Insurance platform is inclusive of individual agents who hold the community's trust.Since the establishment of J Insurance, its insurance solutions have been welcomed by micro, small, medium, and large companies alike. The company has grown exponentially since its inception in 2020 and now offers its services to companies like Shell, The Quint, ITV network, iWorld (chain of retail stores of Apple products), Uber, and more.J Insurance's innovative offerings have engaged the business community and have brought a breath of fresh air to the insurance industry.

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : BFSI - Insurance

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