Shweta Dalmia

Shweta Dalmia


Shweta Dalmia, the founder of Climapreneur. She was recognised as a startup by Gov. of India. She started Climapreneur to tell people that climate change challenges are opportunities in disguise. These are opportunities to act, create and together with diverse skill sets, and work in our varied ways towards a common goal. Yes, she believes #HumSaathHaiTohBaatHai However, the journey wasn’t easy for her. She did her master's in Climate Change from University College London, the only girl in her family to pursue a master's from abroad. This step, this decision didn’t come easy to her. Dating a master's was demanding and very difficult financially. She wasn’t sure till the last month if she could make it, but her courage didn’t let her lose. After finishing her master's, she returned to India to start Climapreneur. I started Climapreneur to change the narrative about Climate Change. She shared with the world stories of entrepreneurs driving climate action. Stories of hope, courage, anxiety, and account of what went behind creating what they have created. She could relate to the stress and restless nights every entrepreneur, every climate entrepreneur faces. She has faced it herself, and hence she could connect with them from the heart and now wants the world to communicate with them, support them, to come together with them. She believes the joy, the success, and the positive impact of Climate Entrepreneurs are shared. It’s the time to share their tough times by standing with them, cheering them, celebrating them and leading a snowballing movement towards climate action.

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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