Neha Kandalgaonkar

Neha Kandalgaonkar

Vivam Agrotech

VIVAM AGROTECH is proprietary firm is in the field of solid waste processing such as Composting, Vermicomposting, Mechanical Compost and Biogas and in Municipal Solid Waste Management. VIVAM is into the business of converting waste to energy. We have plants to treat Solid wastes like Municipal Solid Waste, kitchen, canteen, poultry and cow dung, food processing and agriculture waste. We specialize in Municipal solid waste treatment plants for power generation. We manufacture and install mechanized composting plant up to 1000 tons waste per day. These plants are with integrated MSW management system. Mechanical Composting is useful for processing mixed waste at large quantity. This system is specially designed to handle Municipal Solid Waste. In this method, Aerobic Composting is used, which is said to be the cheapest method of processing waste. Segregation of all non-decomposable waste is done and finally, fine compost is produced in the final stage of the process. Our core competency is in the area of :- (a) Products & processes for environment mitigation measures from MSW, bio-solid wastes, animal poultry & slaughtering activities and contaminated water bodies. (b) Preparation of DPRs on integrated SWM, Tendering process and PMC. (c) New innovative processes for handling, treatment and processing of MSW through composting, fuel pellets, biomethanation and bio thermal route. (d) Detoxification of contaminated soils, bioremediation of old MSW dumpsites. (e) Alliances for user ship of MSW derived products. Neha Kandalgaonkar. Proprietress Awards: Femina World Women Leadership Congress presented 'Women Super Achiever Award' Women Economic Forum presented 'Young Leaders Creating a Better World for All' Award Lokmat media "Woman achiever award 2018-19" MBA from ISB Hydrabad. and Masters in Commerce. Selection by Griffith University, Quensland for Indian Women Innovators (International Education and Training) Camp

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Renewable Energy

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