Ruby Jhunjhunwala

Ruby Jhunjhunwala


Ruby Jhunjhunwala has been practising the ceramic art for the last 40 years.She completed her Bachelor of Science degree with a distinction from Ferguson College, Pune.Against all odds in 1971, She found herself on a flight to the famous glass and ceramic institute Alfred University, upstate New York. She was trained under the guidance of late ceramic artists - Daniel Rhodes & Gurucharan Singhji.In the 90’s she set up her studio Adipa in Pune. It was around this time that her focus shifted to ‘Environmental Ceramics’.She was given an opportunity by Mrs. Lila Poonawala to execute a grand mural for Alfa Laval. Since then, she has been doing large ceramic murals all over the country.Along with her son Aditya, she developed DIY products and name plates. This helped in making her studio financially independent.Ruby has been collaborating with various young artists. She loves exploring different media like paper, thread, etc. Till now she has done 5 nationally recognised collaborative shows & multiple solo shows all over the world.As the 2nd lockdown loomed upon Pune, negative energy seemed to envelop a lot of us. Ruby felt the need to express her gratitude to the frontline nurses. In May 2021, with the support of her loved ones, Ruby started making handmade ceramic kulhads for the frontline nurses.Each kulhads had a ‘Thank You’ inscribed with hand so that the maker felt a sense of appreciation. Till now she has covered 6 hospitals in Pune.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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