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Pooja Kaul

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Egyptians, donkey milk is a common ingredient in skincare. Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt is known as the goddess of beauty. The main secret of her beauty and youth is that she used to take bath daily with donkey milk. According to history, donkey milk helped Cleopatra in reducing her wrinkles and made her skin glow for ages.Pooja thought that it is important that the donkey owners have to understand the significance of the product they are delivering to society. What makes Organiko unique is that they are trying to bring a structure to the donkey milk industry along with the beauty industry as Donkey milk is not less than Cow or Buffalo milk in any manner. With the exposure of all the key benefits of donkey milk, Pooja is trying to encourage thousands of donkey owners to come forward and form a huge market that can benefit both the owners and the beauty industry.Organiko also encouraged and started involving the women from those donkey communities and gave them the skill training necessary to make skincare products. Once people came to know the main agenda of their organization, many youngsters showed interest and started seeing donkeys as an asset instead of an animal of pity.Organiko launched The Donkey Milk Natural Ingredient Soap and The Donkey milk Charcoal and Honey Soap first. With the benefits and results those soaps got, they increased their production using a variety of ingredients like Aloe Vera, Licorice, Hibiscus, and essential oils like tea tree oil and cinnamon oil.Pooja launched products made out of Donkey milk for the first time in India in 2018. Organiko is mainly based on 10000 plus happy Indian customers. They deliver soaps to customers from Nepal, Bangladesh, UAE as well. They are currently seeking opportunities in countries like Australia and US. You can find their products on their own e-commerce platform or Amazon and Flipkart.Organiko is trying to commercialize the selling of donkey milk and improve the lives of people

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