Shekar Hariharan

Shekar Hariharan

Shifting Orbits Foundation

Shekar’s is the story of a belief that our lives can be made purposeful if only we can positively change the course of a few others who are not able to. And we all get ONLY around 36500 days to do so! A self-exiled IT professional with a few degrees in engineering and management, he comes with over 24 years of corporate experience across several roles and functions. His career spans continents and geographies, which he says gave him an enriching opportunity for self-growth through exposure to varied cultures and belief systems. In 2017, he decided to quit and explore the social sector even if it meant leaving the safety of an ever-growing fat-pay check. Shekar started his new career by joining the fellowship program of Teach for India and later founded his organisation, “Shifting Orbits Foundation”. The organisation aims to democratise the after-school-hours support system for low-income families by providing sustained support for students from Day 1 of high school to Day 1 of Job. Shekar’s journey started simply with his spouse and his peer TFI fellow starting to support 21 students from two communities in Bangalore. Soon enough, they added more graduate/semi-graduate homemakers from the same community to begin leading the centres. The centres started serving as “home-away-from-home”, providing students free tuition, access to teachers, learning aids, life skill training, college admission assistance and even financial scholarships. By 2021, the organisation grew to have 15 staff and support over 250 students/families across Bangalore and Rural Kerala. For 2022/23, Shekar is looking forward to expanding to 500+ families across 20+ locations pan India. He believes a depth-lover that it is more meaningful to constantly nurture 100 trees than plant a "million" saplings and expect them to become trees on their own!

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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