Hema Akalwadi

Hema Akalwadi

Hema's Learning centre, Baba Punjabi, Tuk Tuk, WeDesi, Dings n Dongs, Akalwadi's Suoer Gas Auto LPG station

Hema Akalwadi There are some real life stories that come from our own surroundings that tend to give us exactly what we need to hear. Hema Akalwadi, a woman of simplicity is more than she may seem. Her conviction is powerful and her perseverance extremely commendable. Hema Akalwadi’s story is the perfect antidote to a stagnant 2020 and a reminder to push through each struggle and find your zeal for life. Hema Akalwadi is a Life Coach, counsellor, sexuality trainer, Culinary trainer, And a part of Family run businesses called Baba Punjabi, an authentic punjabi veg Restaurant, Cloud kitchen which runs three brands called Tuk Tuk, WeDesi,Dings n Dongs and also a part of an Auto LPG Gas station . She is also a NIMHANS Wellbeing Volunteer and Civil Defense volunteer. Being a Trainer she believes everything we learn is to help us succeed and survive and she calls these tools and techniques as Life Skills.When Hema Akalwadi lost her husband due to cancer in 2005 with a toddler, she didn’t just have a personal tragedy to cope with – also at stake was her career. Life took a new turn for Hema from her days which were mostly spent in the kitchen or taking care of her little one.With time, she learnt to live with the loss. It isn’t easy to just be a mom anymore. In her initial days, she made up her mind to start a summer camp, which could offer flexible timings. She knew that this was exactly the kind of work she needed to do - it offered flexibility, lucrative remuneration and the fulfilment of knowing that she was making a difference. She taught them to make chocolates and connected with their joy deeply.Then she started learning about the finer aspects of her chocolate business. It gave her the opportunity to meet and learn from the experts. Not only did she find the concept interesting but also discovered that there were other women who were interested in knowing this art. She started her chocolate business from her living room with one student for her first cho

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Food Processing

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