S. R. Andal Kannan

S. R. Andal Kannan

Sri Rengasri Creations

Mrs.S.R. Andal Kannan, who earlier worked in the IT industry for 6+ years, decided to quit the job to take care of her kid. But to continue her passion, she started making decorated dolls with kith and kin and later established it as a business, “Sri Rengasri Creations”.Initially started with Vilayadal dolls and Traditional Marapachi dolls and then started making Customized dolls for various events like Engagement, Valaikappu / Baby Shower, 60th wedding, Upanayanam. Our speciality is Look-alike Doll, Converting your memorable photos into a 3D keepsake. We specially make dolls for Golu (Navaratri) like Thematic Dolls, Various Golu sets, Krishna Dolls, Andal Dolls, Azhwars Set, Ambal Dolls etc . You give any picture, we can make a doll like that. Our other products are Kasi Yatra sets, Seer Plates decoration, Seer plates packing, Chocolate dolls, Engagement scroll, Return gifts for various occasions.Our Mission : Customer satisfaction is our goal. We deliver our best with a great effort and accuracy. Everytime we make the doll with high level patience to satisfy the customer's needs and never disappoint so far. We make sure every doll is made with perfect features and quality and reach customers safely.

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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