Juee Vora

Juee Vora


Andre Agassi's quote goes, "For every 'yes' on something, you'll get 25 'no's'. But it's crazy how much that 'yes' gives you hope", and that's how I can speak for my entrepreneurial journey so far. Since SEECATCH started in 2020, it's been full of unexpected turns like you would expect of any startup. But the most surprising turn for me has been forming a fashion tech business with zero experience in tech. I graduated with a fashion design degree with almost zero knowledge of the IT industry, but they say about passion and working towards your dreams, you have to take the first step, and the journey will unfold. Through SEECATCH, I've learned something each day that excelled me to move forward not just professionally but also personally. Today since our inception with an idea I had no clue how to execute, we have reached a stage where we are validated with some of the top companies and investors just for the concept of being India's first price comparison website for sole fashion, and that is my 'yes'. We still have a long way to go to scale, and this is just the beginning, but this is exactly what keeps me going. I am not focusing on the end goal but on 'this journey where I've networked with expectational people, pitched JIO, Venture Catalysts and some of the top incubators in India and learned something new from this opportunity. Has it been easy? It never is for any startup, employee or employer, but our vision makes the journey worth every rejection. So here's to that journey which will still be filled up with all unexpected turns, but to keep going regardless is where my power lies. So dream big, face many rejections, doubt yourself but then pick yourself up again and never give up because perseverance always pays off in ways we can never imagine.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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