Vijay Raghav Varada

Vijay Raghav Varada

Fracktal Works Pvt. Ltd

Fracktal Works was founded in June of 2013 by engineering students of Manipal Institute of Technology. They worked on building robots with the university robotics team, Robomanipal. In an effort to find high-quality manufacturing that would help them build powerful robotics systems affordably, they came across 3D Printing and used their background in robotics to build their first 3D Printer and subsequently founded a company bringing access to tools and technologies that help individuals and organizations build high-quality hardware products & solutions.Vijay Varada is an obsessive tinkerer, inventor, storyteller, and entrepreneur who works at the intersection of art, design, and technology. His areas of interest range from Education, Robotics, Bio-Hacking, Advanced Manufacturing, Space Exploration, and Blockchain Technology.A mechatronics engineer with a product-driven mindset has enabled him to bring together multiple disciplines of science, design & engineering to deliver unique products and solutions.He is the founder of Fracktal Works, a 3D printing hardware & solutions company which he started at the age of 19, engaged with design, researching, and development in Additive Manufacturing with its lineup of 3D printers as well as expertise services & software aimed to help customers derive value from 3D Printing. Fracktal Works' products and services add immense value in Medicine, Automotive, Aerospace, Architecture, Supply Chain, Research, Education, and many more industries.Vijay actively contributes to open source hardware projects, particularly assistive technologies for the blind and renewable energy. His projects have won many accolades including Best Product at the Hackaday Prize among many others.Vijay built an Open Source 3D Printable Wind Turbine and demonstrated its capabilities in an expedition to Antarctica with the great polar explorer, Robert Swan.He is also an author and TEDx speaker, writing technical books for ch

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Capital Goods

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