Saral Jeevan Saheli

45-year-old Vandana Patidar belongs to Kededa village of Ajmer district as a Saral Jeevan Saheli of Frontier Markets. Through Frontier Markets, she has learned a lot, and she can provide good products to the people of her village. Vandana was previously working in the post of Anganwadi Asha. When she learned about Frontier Markets, which became a perfect opportunity for her to work from home and earn more for her family, Vandana also said that the Saheli app has made her work more accessible. She can continue the work with her smartphone. Vandana’s next five years look more engaging when she says, “If our company keeps adding more new products in this way, then our work will increase further, and more people will also get employment. I want to see progress in my simple life, friend's work, and income in the next five years.” She further advises the aspiring entrepreneurs by saying, “My advice to new friends is that by doing this work, they can become self-sufficient so that they will not have to bow down in front of anyone.

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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