Shashi is 24 years old and comes from a family of farmers in Bhageshpura, a small village 30 km from Hassan. Farming wasn’t a sustainable career option due to fragmented land holdings & water scarcity. While onboarding in Hassan, Shashi learnt about the 1Bridge Task App to provide assisted commerce in his village – including running awareness campaigns, sales origination and door-step delivery. He now sponsors his wife’s university education. While last-mile deliveries occupy a significant chunk of his morning, Shashi spends time with consumers in his village, helping them with online shopping, mobile recharges and dispensing cash. In the afternoon, he spends some time working in the fields and tutoring school kids. The students dote on Shashi for his patience while teaching mathematics. Shashi has made an enormous impact by taking up an entrepreneurial role which enables communication of his world to the outside while providing access, choice & convenience to his community.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : IT and BPM

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