Mahadeva‘s uncle introduced him to the art of tailoring. In time, he perfected the finer details of stitching and local embroidery. Mahadeva realised that the educated youth struggle to find employment, but starting a business at 18 would give him a head start. Starting a new company was difficult, but his family chipped in and completed the first few orders from their home. Mahadeva’s entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of the consumer’s requirements created the demand for his designs. His skill, commitment and marketing efforts set the business upward. His entrepreneurial spirit made him a 1Bridge Advisor. Mahadeva now provides a range of assisted digital services at his shop. Villagers can now place online orders for personal, household items, and he also does mobile and DTH recharges. A one-stop-shop, his village has become a go-to hub for the areas around.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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