Saral Jeevan Saheli

30-year-old Hemlata hail from Khera village of Alwar district is working as a Saral Jeevan Saheli of Frontier Markets. Saral Jeevan Saheli has made her life simple. The business is about delivering household products at an affordable rate and providing an opportunity for women to work from home & making every needy woman self-dependent. When the Ibtada organisation people visited her village for the first time and briefed her about the opportunity, she filed her papers and did a three day training course. It was an excellent opportunity for her as she could give time to this work even after the family's responsibility while doing group work. The company's staff is also there to help. The company's goal is to work for rural people to deliver goods online. Initially, it was a little difficult for her as a survey of 50 houses was also done, and it was a very challenging task to convince people for the first time. “Lot of Saheli’s have joined us daily as we step out on Sundays to generate sales at times, but we love doing the same as it helps me earn money with ease,” says Hemlata.Hemlata feels adding new products to the inventory will add more value to the Saheli program and improve sales.

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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