Sandhya Hegde

Sandhya Hegde


Sandhya Hegde was looking for a job to restart her career when she chanced upon SHopOnSHEROES. Having an MA in Biotechnology and eight years of experience under her belt, scoring a position wouldn’t have been difficult. But, growth occurs outside the comfort zone. Sandhya’s role on ShopOnSHEROES involved interaction and marketing, which she wasn’t good at. Her circle made it clear that the job wasn’t for her. That sparked a desire to prove herself to others and judging by the number of orders she received. She did so. Sandhya, who sells recycled products, receives around 30-40 charges. Her series of customised Zoobo books for children broke the record for the most number of products sold in a day. SHEROES helped Sandhya learn the basics of selling, and she’s grateful that she’s getting a chance to make a difference and be an inspiration.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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