Saral Jeevan Saheli

Thirty-nine years old Rajni Verma from Alwar’s small village called Sewan was working as a school teacher in a private school. When the pandemic hit, Rajni lost her job, causing her family a significant financial crisis. Alongside her day job, she was also a member of the self-help group ‘India’, working as a bookkeeper. During one of her group meetings, she met Asha, associated with Frontier Markets as a Saheli. When Asha introduced Rajni to Frontier Markets, Rajni was inspired by the idea of helping her community with access to quality products and services. “If people from across the globe are taking initiatives to help the rural community, why cannot I,” asked Rajni. Within days, Rajni was onboarded as a “Saral Jeevan Saheli”' of her village, helping her community with online orders. Through every transaction she makes on the platform, she can generate income for herself and support her family financially. When Rajni initially took the job, she faced several challenges like people’s poor cooperation during the survey, trust issues with online orders, cash payments, affordability of the products and others, but these challenges did not let Rajni down. Today Rajni runs a small Kirana store in her house where she helps people place orders on credit when in need and has built a strong connection within her community. She aspires to become a successful entrepreneur and help other women in the community with income and employment. Today with the support of her family and Frontier Markets, she feels empowered and independent as a woman entrepreneur.

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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