Shail Vinayak

Shail Vinayak

Nano Tech Chemical Brothers

An artist, an environmental conservationist, and an entrepreneur, Shail Vinayak, is rolled into one person. Shail had never thought he’d enter the family business, but in 2016, he turned down a seat in a London music conservatory to take over from his father. Since then, he’s overlooked the chemical dying business with utmost care and precision and fully invested in growing it. While the bottom line is a concern for Shail, it cannot be grown at the expense of the environment. One of the verticals in the R & D department that he started in his business is focused on making the company environmentally friendly. Not only has Chemical Brothers entered several compliances, but it also has strict accounting and disposal measures for the raw material used such that nothing ends up poisoning the environment.

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Chemicals

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