Aditya Vikram Gupta

Aditya Vikram Gupta

B.D. Wires and Allied Industries

Back in 2006, a novice Aditya Vikram Gupta had a vision in his eyes, that of every aspiring entrepreneur: To make it big. He’d wished to establish his own business, but the shortage of requisite resources imposed upon him a future wherein he was absorbed in the family business of manufacturing metal appliances. While his father and uncles, partners in the business, thought of shutting down the unprofitable threaded rod business, Aditya observed the inkling of an opportunity. He was granted six months to turn the fortune of the business. Gupta set out at the get-go. He pursued customers relentlessly and was always looking for areas to optimise. With his efforts, the threaded rod business that was once on the verge of being shut down grew at a breakneck speed of nearly 200% at one point in time.

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Metals & Mining

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