Deepjyot Singh Sethi

Deepjyot Singh Sethi

Velbond Industries

The insatiable appetite for learning is palpable in Deepjyot Singh Sethi’s approach to his work and his life in general. An entrepreneur by day, Deepjyot burns the midnight oil in pursuing an MCom from IGNOU at night. His grandfather arrived in India post-partition and built a manufacturing firm from the ground up with his own hands, sweat and tears. Deepjyot, and his partner Gagandeep, learnt the ropes of the metal parts manufacturing business in this way. His early twenties went by in railway compartments, cheap hotel rooms and meeting clients while he toured the country for his business research. But calendar years have failed to keep up with the pace of his intellectual maturity. Once, an experienced client of his guessed his age to be 40. Sethi was 23 back then. Deepjyot and Gagandeep have a strict business ethic and treat themselves as employees; they take a fixed salary and reinvest everything else into the business.

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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