Harwinder Singh Dhiman

Harwinder Singh Dhiman

Roop Solar

Harwinder Singh Dhiman is a son of the soil. In his casual manner, he proclaims that the world is his oyster, but he knows that it’s his classroom too. Harwinder spent a chunk of his childhood at his father’s workshop and learnt a lot from it. Later, he left a stifling corporate job to do something of his own. He joined his father’s business, but that did not do for him. He noticed an opportunity in supplying oxygen gas to companies and hospitals nearby, and the business took off. Harwinder began to diversify, and he thought of renewable energy systems. He got a system fitted for himself at his own house, but that gave in after four days. Google and online courses came to the rescue, and he fixed the system himself. Soon, word spread among family and friends, and Dhiman was asked to set up systems for them too. Soon, family and friends became more clients, and his business began. Since 2014, Dhiman’s business has grown tremendously, and his prospects seem bright since electricity is something no one can do without it nowadays.

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Electronic Systems

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