Jasjot Virk

Jasjot Virk

WePay Finance

Life pulled Jasjot Virk in a different direction than he had planned for, only blessing him. A trained neuropsychologist, Virk had never intended to step into the shoes of an entrepreneur. But a peek into the family money lending business sparked his interest. Virk’s vision transcends profits and concerns about the bottom line. His original motivation for starting the company was to legitimise the family money lending business and organise it formally. Soon, his horizons widened. He’s on a quest to alter the image of moneylenders in his community. He’s made progress by introducing a more customer-friendly recovery system that is conscious of the borrower’s point of view and planned a comfortable repayment schedule. Virk wants to grow WePay into a company that bridges the credit gap for marginalised communities in the short term by skilling and funding them.

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : BFSI - Fintech & Financial Services

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