Neeraj Kumar Dhir

Neeraj Kumar Dhir

A Star Clothing

Neeraj Kumar Dhir started as a garment trader and, at a later point in time, turned into a manufacturer. But with that change, he also turned into a visionary who has influenced the garment industry significantly. Dhir says innovation and the introduction of more and more variety of products are what motivates him. He’s looking for ways to introduce novelty into the market. He visits other countries and always comes up with new, exciting ideas. Dhir, a very positive person by nature, had had his share of woes and even thought of returning to trading when costs skyrocketed. But he pulled up his socks and got to building his brand. Innovating with new products and market segments is how he has kept his business afloat and will continue to do so.

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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