Nikhil Dhand

Nikhil Dhand

Dhand Steel Traders

Nikhil Dhand is one entrepreneur who has invested every fibre of his being into running his business, not just for achieving his entrepreneurial goals - which are defined numerically - but also to do a lot more than that. His goal is not only to take his firm to new heights but to do so inclusively by creating job opportunities for low-level unskilled labourers and skilling, nurturing them for management positions over time. Dhand, who has no formal education in business or mechanical engineering, joined his family business to stay close to them. An entrepreneur out of necessity, curiosity took hold of Nikhil over time, and he began thinking of ways to grow his business. He preempted the online marketing boom and asked his father for INR 20,000 to list the company on IndiaMart 8 years ago. He was sure of the success he’ll have and, indeed, returned the borrowed amount and INR 6 lacs a few years later. The pandemic allowed him to do the same and strategise how his firm would move forward. He upskilled himself during that time and charted his company’s new trajectory armed with those skills.

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Metals & Mining

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