Pratham Jain

Pratham Jain

JMV Apparels

To witness one’s own idea - which took countless hours, sweat and tears to build - crash and burn is definitely heartrending. But the ability to look at the future, and learn from the past, is what entrepreneurs are made of. Pratham Jain, freshly graduated in 2016, joined his father’s apparel business. His first idea was to expand the line and include men’s and girls’ clothing. He did act on it, but demonetisation wreaked havoc. Fallen, but far from broken, Pratham was advised by his father to take smaller steps and focus on the fundamentals. Observing every department working in the factory, Pratham has been instrumental in charting a new trajectory for his business. He has digitized all paperwork for the factory and even ventured into online markets that have helped increase sales and cash flow.

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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