Puneet Goyal

Puneet Goyal

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Entrepreneurship runs in their blood, what with their grandfather and father dealing in food grains and steel, respectively. Goyal and his brother followed their footsteps and were associated with a garments brand till 2014 in a management capacity before starting their firm from scratch in 2017. The business, which started operating in January 2018, was initially supposed to begin in 2016. But courtesy of demonetisation, discussing loan applications was perhaps not the primary concern of banks and that of the general public.His company, barely two years old, is taking well-established businesses head-on and although it hasn’t even broken even till now, and made its presence felt in not less than ten states in the country. Goyal has expanded his perspective of business by interacting with other stakeholders attached to his company and growing inclusively. While his competitors in Ludhiana might be winning the short race, Goyal’s eyes are set on the marathon's finishing line.

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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