Rishab Khanna

Rishab Khanna

Khanna International

Rishab Khanna has had a complete 360-degree change in his mindset ever since he entered his father’s business. Starting from the young age of 23, Rishab has grown along with his textile business in the past four years. From having the “I’ll be my own boss” attitude, Rishab has turned into a “Working 24/7 to nurture his own business” entrepreneur, always on the lookout for newer avenues and ways to grow.Sure, working with his family, Rishab has had his fair share of conflicts of interest with his father, but he’s made progress in aligning the business with 21st century standards. He’s streamlined communication channels with distributors interspersed in the state and also connected to customers online by digitizing the catalogue of their designs. Despite the progress, Rishab feels that there are creases to iron, and rough edges to round, but like a true entrepreneur, he’s devoting himself to doing precisely that over the next few years.

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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