Vaneet Moudgil

Vaneet Moudgil

Nexus Fashion

When COVID struck, Vaneet Moudgil’s textile manufacturing firm was forced to shut shop like any other business. The dents of this closure started showing in the company balance sheet and cash flow. Worried about the firm, Vaneet put the resources he had into manufacturing PPE kits when they were in high demand. Not only did he salvage his business, but he also contributed to help fight the virus.This kind of creative thinking is what has helped Vaneet Moudgil nurture his own business from nothing. Coming from a family of doctors, it was a rocky beginning, but with dedication, hard work, and constant learning, Vaneet has turned the initial investment of INR 30 lakhs to INR 3 crores by himself.

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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