Dr Swetha Sandesh

Dr Swetha Sandesh

Niranthara Scientific Solutions

Dr Swetha Sandesh’s motivation for her business comes from her passion for doing something good, not just mint money. That passion has kept her going, despite facing difficulties that shut a part of her earlier business - an analytical laboratory - back in 2016.Success fell into her lap in the form of coconuts. Coconut-value added products were a huge hit in the B2B space, and Niranthara took off. The company provides freshly harvested coconuts to their customers within 24 hours to remain contaminant-free.The company was founded on the strict principle of doing good, and being a zero-waste company has been a long-standing aim for Dr Swetha. “It takes time and investment, but we’re willing to do it one small step at a time.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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