Paramjeet Kaur

Paramjeet Kaur

Boss India Pvt Ltd

Paramjeet Kaur Gulati started Blue Ocean Solutions and Services (BOSS) as a side venture when she was working for another firm but turned to it full-time later on. Her business had grown consistently till the time covid struck.Paramjeet’s firm did not make any cuts in the salary of floor workers because some positions in the administration and management had received significant reductions in theirs. This helped her keep the workforce intact. For Paramjeet, the firm's growth depends on the development of the workers. She cannot work in a silo and likes to take everyone along. “On some days, I stayed till 4 AM to provide training to my workers”, she says.While a team player on the factory floor, Paramjeet can turn into a hard taskmaster in the blink of an eye. Transparency, with workers and customers alike, makes all the difference in the long run, Paramjeet believes.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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