Preeti Rani

Preeti Rani

Merry-go-Learn Education Services Pvt Ltd

Preeti Rani discovered gaps in teaching and learning when she started spending her summer vacations at her father’s small school in Muzaffarpur in Bihar. Preeti realised that of the time she spent at school during her studying years, hands-on exercises and activities taught her much more than plain old classroom learning.Having no formal training in education, Preeti was involved in the teaching process at her father’s school from early on. This formed a base for her venture, Merry Go Learn. Preeti turned down an opportunity to pursue her MBA from Duke University in the United States and focused on getting in touch with people involved with education. While going about this, she stumbled upon her partner Komal. Despite their different backgrounds, Komal and Preeti had a standard line of thought and decided to work together.Entrepreneurship is an art and a science. People have to go out and do stuff. Either it will work out or it won’t; you'll learn if it’s the latter, says Preeti.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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