Sanddhya Yadav

Sanddhya Yadav

Tulip Fiori

Sanddhya has grown up amidst horticultural art, courtesy of her grandfather being the director of the horticultural park in Lalbagh. Spending a lot of time at the park in her formative years sowed the seed of interest in the art in her. She was enrolled in various minor courses, and by the 10th grade, she was sure that she’d be doing this for a living.Despite being forced to take a different path due to her circumstances, Sanddhya worked hard to keep herself in touch with the art of horticulture. She worked at a florist’s and used the money to fund her flower arrangement lessons. She sold her fitness centre and established Tulip Fiori. Once Sanddhya made her mark in the industry, it was smooth sailing, but that was also interrupted by the pandemic. The support system she had built helped her keep afloat.Floral art is widely underappreciated in the country, and Sanddhya acknowledges that. She has carved out a niche for herself. With her reputation and experience, Sanddhya’s on her way to establishing her own horticultural art school to encourage this art form in the country.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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