Padmaja Rao

Padmaja Rao

Urbanwood Interiors

Since the beginning of her career as an entrepreneur, Padmaja has faced every obstacle – and there have been more than a handful of these - with utter confidence, boldness and grit. Her take-no-shot attitude got her to build a company of her own and return the Rs.1.5 crore she’d borrowed to the Karnataka State Financial Corporation in half the time she was supposed to.After quitting her corporate job, Padmaja took up freelancing interior designing gigs. She says it took her 5 years to understand and learn about this field before setting up her own firm. Innovating her designs to align with space concerns for WFH helped her stay afloat during COVID.From casual sexism to covid woes, Padmaja has faced several issues in the 2 short years since Urban Woods was begun. As to the first one, she doesn't care. She never lets people’s opinion of her as a woman affect her. The only opinion she cares about is her work.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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