Geetha Krishnan

Geetha Krishnan

Fragrant Kitchen

Geetha’s calling as a baker came from a botched-up batch of brownies. “That’s when I realised that everything has to be proportional here.” But she’s learned to balance sticking to the rules and experimenting because she’s an innovator. “I encourage my staff to keep experimenting. What if the first batch is bad? There’s a chance that the other one will be good!”Fragrant Kitchen has been actively helping out people in distress by sending food to charities and institutions, whether COVID or not. The leftover product for the day is sent to a nursing home nearby.Despite facing hurdles, Geetha has gotten back up on her two feet. She credits herself for taking the first step, which is the hardest; the rest, she believes, are smaller steps to glory.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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