Dr Vinita Sharma

Dr Vinita Sharma

DermaGlo Laser Skin Clinic

Dr Vinita has nurtured and invested herself in taking care of her business as much as she has in taking care of her children. Her relocation from the United States to India offered her a chance to make something of her own.Her creative spark manifested in her business for skincare, which has grown significantly on its reputation of it being the best. Perhaps this has something to do with the professional and personal growth opportunities Dr Vinita offers to her workers. She’s taken proactive measures in helping members of her female workforce achieve financial independence and built a rapport with them that allows ineffective management.A new clinic and skincare product line is in the pipeline for Dr Vinita. Her mantra is to follow her gut instinct, the little voice inside her telling her to be her true self.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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