Aarti Rastogi

Aarti Rastogi


Aarti Laxman Rastogi took a little more than just 20 years to become an entrepreneur.Cooking was something Aarti had grown close to. She recalls starting by experimenting with cakes which tasted delicious but “looked horrendous.” Next came ice-creams. From simply copying recipes off from somewhere, Aarti began experimenting. Positive feedback from her acquaintances was the last nudge she needed- the growing, gnawing distance between what Aarti was doing professionally and what she had the desire to do. An HR professional turned entrepreneur, Aarti struggled with the money aspect of business initially but learnt on the go. Ethical consumption and inclusion have been Artinci’s policy from the very beginning. Artinci has given a platform to people from marginalised communities for their visibility in the workforce. The practice has evolved from Aarti’s own experiences as a person with a hearing disability working in the corporate sector.Twenty years ago, when Aarti became an HR professional, she realised that she did not want a career in that field. She wanted something of her own. “It was about who I was meant to be rather than who I was supposed to be in society.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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